Class Descriptions


Designed to drastically improve general physical preparedness through weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics with a strong emphasis on core improvement. These hour long classes include a warm-up, a skill development segment, a high-intensity workout and cool-down with self-mobilization & stretching.


The Fundamentals course will cover safety and injury prevention, core stabilization, progressive body weight movements, resistance and strength training, Olympic weightlifting, mobility and flexibility, running/rowing/jump roping technique, CrossFit methodology and theory, and nutrition programs.

Open Gym:

Free time in the gym which allows you to perfect certain moves & techniques or focus on areas of improvement.


Combining barbell techniques, old school strongman work, kettlebell movements and classic hardcore bodyweight exercises to increase power, improve strength, plus build & tone muscle.


Cardiovascular Conditioning using simple but highly effective movements to get the job done in 30 minutes.

Trail Running:

LA endurance Team is CFCOA’s conduit to getting better and having more fun for events like 5K Runs, Triathlons, Marathons or just simply endurance events of all types even a Tough Mudder. The team practices will improve your technique, stamina, power production and cardiovascular endurance though track sessions and trail running. Meets at Griffith Park.


to improve your swim technique, your overall cardiovascular output and to have fun in a different and challenging environment. *Must be able to swim to attend this class (if you cannot swim we can teach you, but that is best done 1-on-1, so see a coach about private or small group sessions). Meets at local pools or open water as needed.


stretching and self-mobilization is a key component to building muscle, maintaining good overall form and keeping healthy. We offer mobility classes that are designed to help you relax, stretch and recover.

CFCOA Class Color Code:

Green – Functional Fitness or GPP (General Physical Preparedness)
Purple – Fundamentals, Practice, Learning
Silver – Strength & Power
Red – Cardiovascular Endurance
Gold – Mobility