The Value of Personal Training

CrossFit City of Angels is more than a normal gym. Heck, it’s more than a normal CrossFit gym. In addition to our quality programming designed to improve your functional movement, we take a unique approach to improving your overall wellness. That means we focus on more than just physical conditioning: we care about proper nutrition, opportunities for health and wellness education, and strong community and social support.

All Personal Training Memberships include:
  • One-on-One sessions for maximum results, you will get personal attention from highly skilled coaches & a program designed with you specifically in mind.
  • Personal Nutrition Plan to optimize your eating habits for RESULTS.
  • CFCOA Orientation to lay the foundation of how best to achieve overall fitness & health for years to come
  • Access to Beyond the Whiteboard, an online workout & nutritional tracking system
  • Personal check-ins for assessment of your fitness & health improvements, future goal setting and accountability

We get results because we approach wellness from every angle and provide you opportunities to grow in a variety of ways. In addition to our private session, here are some of the unique options available only through CrossFit City of Angels:

  • Nutrition coaching & group challenges to motivate you to achieve your best..
  • A food co-op program to purchase affordable, organic vegetables and eggs from local farmers delivered directly to the gym.
  • Mobility classes because you want to remain injury free & have no limitations in your workout routine, not to mention your daily life.
  • Endurance training for athletes competing in triathlons or marathons, or for folks who simply want to improve their physical endurance.
  • Regular group trips to local swimming pools and gymnastics centers to practice and enjoy other athletic activities.
  • Occasional specialty classes such as self-defense, boxing and more.
  • Lots of social events to get to know the people you get sweaty with each day!

What You’ll Learn

We believe in teaching and helping each student / athlete become not only a better physical specimen, but a teacher in their own right. During your private training sessions, you can expect to learn and develop these skills:

You’ll also learn stretching and self-mobilization techniques during the warm-up and cool-down portions of session.


As with any physical fitness program, consistency is key. That’s why we create dynamic & diverse programming that makes working out fun and new every time you enter the gym. One of the ways we encourage you to attend regularly is with a set number of sessions per week.

Personal Training

Because having the undivided attention of a coach can make all the difference in gaining the fitness & health you strive for. You can choose to always work with a coach 1-on-1 or as a great complement to group classes (see our Hybrid Memberships). Personal training will help you improve your technique at a quicker pace. Also with the coach as your guide you will hone in on your personal weaknesses and make them a thing of the past. Stand-alone sessions are not recommended, working out only once is basically a waste of your time. There is a much greater value and results with the consistency of weekly commitments. Memberships are one month in length and automatically renew on a month-to-month basis.


  • Current members of our classes, receive a 10% discount on all personal training sessions
  • Personal Training Clients receive discounts on Special Seminars & Nutritional Challenges
  • Personal Training Clients receive discounts to In-House Challenges & Events.

Learn more about Fundamentals Personal Training.

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