Nutrition Coaching

We at CFCOA know that achieving your fitness goals isn’t just about working out hard. It’s also about eating right, and we are here to help in that department as well. We offer a variety of nutrition coaching plans to fit your needs – everything from checking on you once a month and making sure that you are on track to physically going to your home/apartment, clearing out your cupboards, and designing a plan of attack to make your kitchen nutritionally foolproof.

Here are some of the things we offer with Nutrition Coaching:
  • Individualized meal plans
  • Measurements and body fat percentage checks
  • Goal setting and email correspondence to keep you motivated
  • Results log for tracking progress
  • Food shopping guides and resources to empower you

And you do not have to be a member of CFCOA to sign up! Both members and non-members can simply contact the Team, at for more information.