Athletic Skill Levels

Once you join the CFCOA team, we’ll start by conducting an assessment of your athletic ability to better address you and your needs. By having clearly defined athletic levels, we’re able to establish benchmarks that will serve as evidence of your athletic progression. This infrastructure will help you understand what to aim for in your fitness goals and will help you identify strengths and weaknesses.
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Athletic Skill Levels Defined:

Level 1: Wad Of Cookie Dough

Everyone begins their journey here! Because we incorporate so many different movements, it’s almost certain that something you do at CFCOA will be new and unfamiliar. At this level you will be working on learning new techniques in your personal training or group classes (*personal training or group is determined at your free intro). Level 1 can be achieved in one to three months of consistent practice.

Level 2: The Sophomore (aka roustabout)

Within a few months of training and practice, you’ll be comfortable with most of the basic movements and have much improved technique. You’ll start to realize the importance of good flexibility and proper form, and you’ll start to focus more on these as you moderately increase the intensity of your workout. This is a crucial stage for developing good body awareness to avoid injury. Level 2 can take from three to twelve months to complete if you do not have any serious physical limitations.

Level 3: The Committed Regular (aka roughneck)

As you progress over time and become a regular at the box, you’ll be ramping up your workouts and showing off your results and calluses with pride. This is a level of fitness to which any healthy adult can and should aspire too. By now you’ll have perfected all of the basic techniques and you’ll be tackling some of the advanced movements. In building off your gains from your Level 2 work, you’ll have noticeably increased levels of strength, stamina, work capacity and speed. Level 3 can take anywhere from six months to several years to achieve after attaining level 2.

Level 4: The Whiteboard Warrior (aka WODsmith)

This is an advanced level of fitness that requires an ongoing commitment and determination, although any healthy adult can get here. It is recognized by a dramatic increase in strength, work capacity, power and skill. At this level, advanced techniques have been mastered and weaknesses are fine-tuned. Those who rely on physical fitness in their careers, such as athletes and firefighters, should expect to reach and maintain this degree of fitness. Be prepared to invest significant time to make level 4 a reality, you must be dedicated as a typical timeline is three to five years.

Level 5: Leader of all Leaderboards (aka the superhero)

Even professional athletes aspire to this level of fitness—it’s one that few ever reach. This degree of fitness requires long-term dedication and a rare passion. The skills required of someone at this level are not only very advanced, but extremely well-rounded in a way that few athletes are.





CFCOA Athletic Skill Levels (9.1.15)