ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Nicole

Congrats Nicole on being our July ATOMIC!

Nicole, killing it on a WOD and smiling while she does it. Not a lot more to say, except she’s probably cheering you on at the same time 🙂 That’s Nicole and that’s just a couple reasons why she’s ATOMIC August 2015.

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Randall

Congrats Randall on being our July ATOMIC!


You are a BadAss!

I love you Randall, We all do. Really! How could we not, you are are awesome. You show up consistently, you do muscle-ups when I can’t, I swear you lapped me twice on that last WOD. Basically you just kick butt & have been doing so for a looong time.

So with all of that Congrats on being ATOMIC July 2015!>

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Sulki


Congrats Sulki on being our May ATOMIC!

You are a BadAss!
Always smiling that contagious smile. Motivating those around you for more. You bring that bright light into the gym and you’re just fun to be around.

Keep up the hard work, We appreciate it (all of us do!).

Congrats Sulki, you are ATOMIC for June 2015 (trust yourself, you DESERVE it 🙂

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Alfonso


Congrats Alfonso on being our May ATOMIC!

We are pretty sure he works hard (every time we see him he’s going hard at it), we know we can count on him to push those around him to give more (who wants a tabata??). Alfonso definitely lives up to the ATOMIC mold, which is show up consistently over a long period of time, give what you have (& probably more), motivate those around you by being an example of dedication, and having fun, plus being a great person all around.

ALFONSO we feel lucky to have you WODing with us at CFCOA and will be glad to jump in on some extra $ out goodness with you anytime!

Congrats on being ATOMIC May 2015!!!!!

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Caroline Netschert

Caroline ATOMIC 1

Caroline – because we’ve seen you continually make it to the gym when others would have quit long before,

because you always have a kick-butt attitude, because you inspire us to do better in our own lives.

Caroline you are ATOMIC April 2015 – because you deserve it! Congrats & thank you.

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Camilo


Camilo – We can sum him up in one word – “keep up”. OK, so that’s two (but they’re short).

Seriously though, if you need to be pushed by another guy WODing next to you then you’ve found him. Plus he’s a hell of a guy and a great dad. We are holding back on ragging on him because he’s fun to pick on, but look out because he probably will win any war you start that involves pranks.

Camilo congrats! You earned being ATOMIC for March 2015.

Michelle | ATOMIC

Congrats Michelle on being our next ATOMIC!Michelle-ATOMIC

Registered Emergency Trauma Nurse & BadAss CrossFitter. That’s probably all we would need to say to explain why she is ATOMIC for February 2015.

But why stop there. She also is one of the coolest people we know, always fun to hang out with and when it comes to work ethic, good luck beating her.

So Michelle, congrats on all the hard work you’ve put in at CFCOA you’ve earned this award!

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Patrick Mitchell

Pat Mitchell

You may see him quietly kicking ass during the 4:30 classes. Or you may have seen him walking his ridiculously cute terrier to the Helio Cafe. Either way, Patrick is a familiar face in these parts and a dedicated member of CFCOA. He always has a smile on his face and is ready and willing for anything that comes his way.

We are excited to say congrats on being our January  ATOMIC athlete Patrick!

ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Kandarpa Cousineau McGinty

Kandarpa, The five foot wonder!

Well, tell you what…. She’s wonderful & BadAss. Kicking butt for well over two years now. Always a fun person to have in class regardless if your coaching or trying to keep up with her on a WOD.

We are excited to say congrats on being ATOMIC December 2014 Kandarpa.

Brian is ATOMIC

Ass Kicker all around and does it with a smile 🙂


If there ever was anybody to lend a hand or crush a WOD Rx’d, Brian would be the guy.

Consistency he has it. Seriously, we keep seeing him (I swear he never leaves).

B, you deserve this, congrats on being ATOMIC November 2014.