Once in a while people recognize that we as a whole or one of us in particular are doing something’s right at this gym.

We thank the writers, editors & producers of these articles for spending their time to cast a light on the hard work that we as a crew (both coaches & athletes) do on a daily basis. Below you will find some articles written about us. Enjoy.

CrossFit Community: Winning by Losing: Joseph Avala

Joseph Ayala, what can I say about him? I’ll keep it short & to the point. Joe is an example of what you can do if you have motivation and dedication. He is not only a strong member of our gym, but also a person who gives us hope in the youngest generation of this country (supposedly fat & lazy, by some accounts). Joe proves that if you want it you can get it. Great job Joseph!

CBS: Best CrossFit Studios In Los Angeles

Apparently we are a pretty good gym. Not a surprise to all the athletes who have made awesome gains in health, fitness & all around wellness here. But it is more than nice to be recognized for our efforts. Thanks for the acknowledgement.