Nurses & Medical Personnel

Why is this page here?

Well because CrossFit City of Angels was born (if an enthusiastic, healthy group of friends can really be born) in an Emergency Department in Hollywood. See the first people daring enough and willing enough to try something new, to test themselves on a daily basis at this seemingly crazy and intense sort of physical training were a group of coworkers and friends (Nurses & EMT’s). We as a group were founded by people that as a daily job (or habit) deal with some of life’s most trying, but also some of life’s most amazing experiences. In those long hours spent together saving life’s and all too often just dealing with the chaos of Los Angeles’s enumerable problems first-hand, the crew of CFCOA needed an outlet. Along came CrossFit. Before we knew it, it was simultaneously making us healthier physically and also mentally. It bonded us in new ways and made us a tighter more cohesive group.

To make a long story short, we know where we came from and we choose to give back to those like us. Now not only will you find Nurses & EMT’s from the original ER. But also nurses from hospitals all over LA. Doctors, physical therapists, lab technicians, hospital clerks, and many others that make a hospital run, can be found in any class sweating next to you pushing for the next rep or to beat the clock by one more second.