Angel City Co-Op – Join in the Healthy Eating Fun!

CFCOA is invested in your nutrition as well. That’s why we offer an organic co-op. By using group buying power, CFCOA gets a variety of fresh, local vegetables, meat and eggs delivered to the gym or your home. And you don’t have to be a member of the gym to participate! Yes, folks, we have now made it even easier to take care of your health!

There are many benefits to participating in our co-op:
  1. It’s CHEAPER! Again, we are using our group buying power in order to get all of us a better deal than buying as separate individuals.
  2. You will support local farmers – As consumers, every dollar we spend is a vote of approval for both the product and the place where we purchased it. When you participate in our co-op, you are saying “yes” to unprocessed, preservative- and pesticide-free foods and also helping local businesses to thrive.
  3. Less grocery shopping – If you buy a box of veggies and a dozen or two of eggs from our co-op every two weeks, you will only have to go to the grocery store for meat and healthy fats. We do the vegetable shopping for you. Shopping will take up less time – freeing you up for other, more important things.
  4. You will consume more veggies – We bet you that if you consume all of the vegetables in your box, you will have greatly increased the quantity of vegetables in your diet. And if there is one thing that the nutrition and diet community universally agrees upon, it’s this – more veggies = more nutrients and a healthier you!
  5. Less thinking when it comes to meal planning – If you start with the vegetables in your box and build a meal around them, it will become easier to plan nutritious meals than if you had gone to the grocery store and stared confusedly at the produce department for 10 minutes.
What are you waiting for?! Join us and take the next step towards a happier, healthier you.