LA Endurance Team

Want to do your first 5K?
Looking to train with a group of like-minded endurance athletes?
Maybe you’re an experienced athlete looking to improve your triathlon time?

The LA Endurance Team will help prepare you in new ways that improve your performance while reducing your overall volume of training and minimizing your potential for injury.

Associated with CrossFit City of Angels, LA Endurance implements the tenets of CrossFit by focusing on high-intensity training rather than long slow distance training. Participants focus on improving efficiency by mastering technique. That means instead of just running, members learn to run properly. We train with intensity to promote a physiological adaptive response. That means we challenge your body at a high enough level that it will change to better adapt to the exercise. And we practice stamina, which is simply the maintenance of technique and intensity throughout a longer workout.

If you want to prepare your body for endurance activities like never before, LA Endurance will take your training to the next level. Learn more about it here.