Los Angeles Community Health in Partnership

The Los Angeles Community Health In Partnership (LA CHIP) is the non-profit powered by CrossFit City Of Angels (Los Angeles Strength and Conditioning, LLC). LA CHIP seeks to improve community health by integrating health and wellness support through strength and conditioning fitness training programs.

LA CHIP utilizes CrossFit methods and techniques in designing unique fitness programs for all age groups and all fitness levels to engage in fun and healthy ways to exercise. We help to connect the community by encouraging cross-sector collaboration between exercise education and healthy food education to support the community-at-large in achieving health and fitness goals. Our staff is available to provide fitness information and run through a fitness training program with large to small groups while inspiring the community to create an environment for improved health and fitness.

LA CHIP hosts and attends community events throughout the Los Angeles area.

If you are interested in finding out more about LA CHIP please feel free to contact us.
Team Lead: Angel Martinez