Corporate Wellness

As preventative care becomes recognized as the best solution for addressing our country’s health care crisis, businesses are looking for effective ways to improve employee health in an effort to bring down costs and also improve the office environment.

Companies that are proactive about worker health and work-life balance are finding that employees are not only healthier, but they are happier, more productive, and express more overall job satisfaction. It’s clear than an investment in employee wellness is not only a reliable way to bring costs down, but is an effective means of creating a more industrious team.

That’s where we come in. What’s great about CrossFit is that it can happen anywhere: a gym, a park, a garage and, yes, even an office. You might be looking for something as simple as a basic nutrition seminar, or you may want to revolutionize your workplace by offering ongoing workout classes either at our facilities or on your own premises.

We offer a variety of corporate wellness packages tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Options include:

  • Specially planned exercise series based on your company’s size and goals.
  • Options for group exercise either at our facility or at your location.
  • Group discounted memberships at CFCOA to encourage ongoing physical activity.
  • Physical team-building activities meant to rally support and build morale.
  • Nutrition education, either as a one-time session or ongoing series.
  • Fitness and nutrition goal setting.
  • Fitness assessment and pre- and post-program analysis, including benchmarks such as weight and body fat percentage.

For more information about Corporate Wellness programs, contact us at (323) 284-8906 or