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First off, I’ve been to a gym before. I’ve been inside one. Never done a lick of exercise there. I have no gym experience. At all.

My girlfriend scouted out many boxes and decided upon this one. She set me up to meet with Pete Roulet (owner) who evaluated me with an introductory workout (much less than the standard warm up for members!). I was beat after my “introduction”… and sore. Pete is very approachable and I really liked his take on what “healthy” should be. It may be the same outlook that most trainers and gyms have, but since I have zero experience with them it’s new and refreshing to me. I like his vibe.

I was always very skeptical about working out in a gym and being “eyed” by all the people. I’m a solitary kind of person so that was always a sticking point. The gym is small compared to my perception of what a “gym” was. I like it. It’s more personable.

The membership is not cheap but I’m totally fine with it. I can justify it because I know how I am and for the times when I have tried to “workout” on my own, I’ve failed. If I’m doing something like push-ups and I get tired, I stop. “Workout” done. Being here makes a difference to me that I’m willing to pay for. Having a trainer push me on for 1 or 2 more makes a difference to me. Looking around and seeing everyone else giving it their all makes me think “why aren’t I pushing just as hard?”

I don’t have the motivation or drive on my own and I factor that into the cost of being here. I want the drive but just don’t have it in me. I’m really enjoying and appreciating the personal attention I’m able to get here.

The trainers are awesome; Pete, Iz, Rose, Joe and Angel. Thank you.

I’m very interested in learning proper form and technique and that is exactly what they are pushing. They provide me with tips and corrections while I’m working out. I love it. Just what I was looking for.

I don’t think I can say enough good things about this gym. It’s small and not intimidating. The staff and members are all great and very friendly.

I feel sore all the time. It feels great. I love it. I sleep better. I want to eat healthier (still not there yet). I can feel some improvement in my stamina and strength.

It’s only been 2 weeks and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve never worked out before and I can now see the appeal of making oneself better.

CFCOA (CrossFit City of Angels) is a very welcome addition to my life!

I just feel good.

– Randall U., Los Angeles, CA

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Before I joined CrossFit City of Angels, I was extremely intimidated and scared that I would just absolutely make a fool out of myself.

SOOOOOOO not the case! The coaches are freaking amazing. Everyone is super supportive and the loudest cheers are for the people finishing last. I’m finishing up my 3rd month of crossfit and I really can’t believe how much stronger I have gotten in only 3 months. The coaches here really make an effort on teaching the right form so that you don’t hurt yourself. I look forward to every workout. This place will make you sweat, cry, and drool all at the same time but you still leave with a smile (I’ve done all this). If you’re thinking of it, just do it! Crossfit City of Angels is seriously the place to start.

– Jenn S., Los Angeles, CA

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You know that time is valuable and, like me, you might be looking for a ruthlessly efficient workout.

On my first day Pete (the owner) said I was in luck because Crossfit is “both ruthless AND efficient.”


Do not be intimidated by what you read, hear or see regarding CrossFit. City of Angels is a perfect place for beginners. They have classes where the coaches teach newbies one lift at a time, and you don’t move on to the level 2 until you feel ready.

You will know a burpee from a box jump, a split jerk from a muscle up. You will climb a rope. You will do a handstand. You will (most likely) collapse in a heap from time to time. All while being surrounded by a shockingly supportive community. (Honestly, you will be be working out next to someone who knows your name AND cheers you on!)

PS: Mothers, do not be afraid. I came to CFCOA five months post baby. Four months later the skinny jeans were back in the rotation. (And I eat chocolate every day. Seriously. Every. Day. I am eating some right now.)

– Angela R., Los Angeles, CA

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For most of my life, I stayed in shape by playing team sports.

I never got into a gym routine on my own — working out alone, with no goal other than working out, bores the crap out of me. I missed camaraderie and the benefits of being in good physical condition, though, and I got to a point when I felt like my day-to-day was suffering (pinched nerves, back issues) due to a lack of consistent physical training. I’d heard snippets about CrossFit from co-workers — mostly those that made it sound extremely cultish, but I was hesitantly intrigued anyway.

CFCOA was the first (and — because it was awesome — only) CrossFit box I looked into. Pete’s down-to-earth demeanor and welcoming spirit hooked me right away… as did that glorious feeling of next-day-soreness following my intro session. That was a year and a half ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

I enjoy the team-like energy that happens every time I go in for a workout, regardless of the time of day, who leads the class, or how many people show up. It’s fun to never know quite what you’re going to be doing on any given day (the latter is true of CrossFit in general, not just this box).

I’m one of a handful of vegans at CFCOA, and Pete and the rest of the trainers are nothing but supportive and encouraging. They are humble enough to realize we don’t have all the intricacies of the human body figured out, and they encourage everyone to find what works for them. I’ve had numerous discussions about the pros and cons of meat/dairy/grains/etc., and I consistently feel as though everyone is open to learning and exploring. I’ve never felt mocked or less-than because of my dietary choices (which keep me progressing solidly, I might add).

To be fair, I haven’t checked out other CrossFit gyms; to be honest, I don’t have any desire to. This place feels like home, and new members are always welcomed with open arms. Come visit us.

– L. L., Los Angeles, CA

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I found this gym through Yelp, and I’m here to chime in with other positive reviews.

I was first struck by Jordan H.’s review – specifically by the fact that he “never feels judged.” So I checked CFCOA out.

I’m the sort of person that is really judgmental, and I judge this place to be top notch. I could go on about how Pete and company are cool folks, but you’ve really just gotta see for yourself. Schedule the initial training session (free) and see what’s up. You won’t be disappointed.

– Patrick B., Los Angeles, CA

A lot of folks knock CrossFit because of the elitism that is rife throughout the workout style.

I’ve been to a couple gyms that acutely suffer from the aforementioned elitism. Saying that CrossFit City of Angels (CFCOA) does not have this problem would be an understatement.

There is no pretense to CFCOA. Just show up, and get your ass kicked with a bunch of other folks who will inspire you to try your best while you do things that you might deem impossible. The workouts are fun because the coaches (Pete, Angel, Iz, and Rose) genuinely care about the people that come in and let everyone realize immediately that CrossFit is more fun when you’re all on the same team. By the end of your first class, you’ll know everybody’s name. After a few workouts, you’ll have some new friends and you’ll feel really ingratiated into the community. The community aspect of CFCOA is really, really what makes it work.

I look forward to continuing on the fitness journey that I’ve started at CFCOA. I never feel like I HAVE to go the gym, I just genuinely want to! This is certainly a first for me, and that’s really meaningful. CFCOA has instilled the importance of physical fitness in my mind, which is something I often forget.

What are you waiting for?! Get in there and do some squat cleans!

– Rob H., Seattle, WA

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I LOVE this place.

All the trainers are super friendly and knowledgable and it’s literally the only gym since high school where I felt that people (both coaches and fellow students) were chill, encouraging one another, and very collegial.

I love coming here for the workouts and it’s never awkward nor do I feel judged even when I try to do a handstand pushup and instead smack my noggin into the wall. 🙂

The instructors are always down to help you with your form, nutrition -anything and they always seem happy to be there and to be teaching us.

So far, everyone I’ve met there is friendly and dedicated, which is why I drive several miles to get there. This gym is NOT conveniently located for me at ALL, but I’d never switch because it’s worth the trip.

Never thought getting into the best shape of my life would be this much fun, and it gives me a lot of hope that I’ll keep at it.

Last but not least, there’s a food co-op with the students/crossfitters and some local farmers so you can get amazing produce/eggs MUCH cheaper than a grocery store and even higher quality to boot.

I’d give this place 6 stars if I could and am in the process of dragging anyone who will listen to join up with me.

– Jordan H., Los Angeles, CA

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