About Us



Welcome to CrossFit City of Angels.

We are a community that seeks to improve the function of our bodies through rigorous, eclectic, well-executed physical activity.

We are a community that seeks to improve the form of our bodies through proper, responsible, mindful nutrition.

We are a community that seeks to better our health and wellness, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and socially.

Above all, we are a community.


What We Do

Whether you’re new to fitness or have been training for years, toss out any notions you have of a normal gym. That’s not us. Instead of hours focused on specific muscles or sessions of the same repetitive cardio class, we train for better overall movement.

Focusing on better movement means that instead of exercising with a goal of gaining muscle or losing fat, we train to become better at the fundamentals of bodily movement: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Improvement in these areas will not only help you meet your physical goals, but will result in better fitness in your everyday life. Bicep curls won’t go far in helping you pick up your growing child, but compound movements such as deadlifts and squats will.

To learn more about who we are, please read about our leaders in the Coaches section and about our members in the Our Community section. To learn more about the fundamentals of our program, please visit Our Program section.